Premium Room

Premium Room

With soothing colors and natural light, the room features a natural and simple design with the brand spirit of Westin. With the addition of wooden furniture, the room offers a relaxing and refreshing environment to every guest who stays in it.
The room is equipped with Heavenly® Bed exclusively designed by Simmons with a multi-level bed sheet and quilt, as well as a soft duvet and pillows. Separated bathtub and shower together with the Westin white tea Heavenly® Bath amenities offer a fresh fragrance all day long. The room has a personal sodium bicarbonate spring pool that is rich in minerals, a 50-inch LCD flat screen TV, a minibar, high speed internet access, a Bluetooth speaker, multi-angle reading lights, and a Nespresso capsule coffee machine, creating a pleasant and healthy environment for relaxation.
The Westin Yilan Resort also features eight family rooms: Dinosaur World, Fairy Tale World, Animal Forest, Polar Expedition, Ocean Adventure, Magic Desert, Space Planet, and Robot Adventure. These family rooms are designed and decorated in line with the aforementioned themes to bring a fun and unique experience to guests. Each room is equipped with a small tent and dolls to encourage children to set out on their own adventure and spend quality time with their parents.


    The volcano in Dinosaur World has erupted again! This time, it is an eruption of candy, and everyone has come out to find candy, including the little adventurer, who drives his/her jet to play. However, stegosaurus, which is afraid of the loud noise, still does not dare to peek out of the bushes. Come out and play, everyone!

    Design concept: Taking advantage of colorful cartoon dinosaurs and volcanoes, parents can guide children to recognize different dinosaurs and count colorful pieces of candy.


    The little adventurer has accidentally fallen into the fairy tale world, where he/she meets a lot of special people, including Little Red Riding Hood and Big Wolf, the Frog Prince, and three little pigs. Come and see who else the little adventurer may meet.

    Design concept: In the Fairy Tale World, adults and children are invited to learn about Grimm's Fairy Tales, Aesop's Fables, and One Thousand and One Nights.


    The forest seems a bit quiet at night. Colorful birds and animals are twittering about the little adventurer that is going to participate in the moonlit party. Let’s count the colorful cardinals hiding among the trees in the Animal Forest.

    Design concept: Based on the idea of protecting animals and the forest, children are led to fall in love with nature and count the colorful cardinals in the room with their parents.


    Are there any new plans for the adventurous penguin? He wants to go to the North Pole to see new friends. Taking an umbrella, a lunch box, and a map, the penguin sets out on the adventure. He meets a lot of new friends on the road but sees a yellow thing hidden in the water. Can you tell the adventurous penguin what it is?

    Design concept: Through an anthropomorphic animal role, children can recognize representative creatures of the Antarctic and Arctic and understand the idea of loving the earth.


    The little adventurer steers the yellow submarine to explore the deep sea. He/She sees a big whale and also finds treasure hidden deep in the seabed! Those living in the sea are just as curious about who is visiting them.

    Design concept: A wonderful underwater world is created with distinct marine life to satisfy children’s desire for ocean adventure.


    Little adventurers travel to the Magic Desert and meet the mysterious flying dragon with big wings and the Long Hair Princess riding a flying horse. They invite the little adventurers to participate in a campfire party. Uncle Meerkat visits Grandpa Tortoise to participate in the campfire party, too.

    Design concept: With a desert background, fantasy characters are added to foster children’s imagination.


    The little adventurer sets out to explore the Space Planet in his/her own spacecraft and finally arrives at the destination after passing by several planets. The naughty aliens have come to play together after receiving the radio wave signal. Would you like to take pictures with everyone?

    Design concept: The mysterious space planet and naughty aliens have been created to satisfy the fantasy of children roaming in space.


    What can we do? Dr. Science has a big problem. His assistant has forgotten where his heart battery is! Everyone in the laboratory is in quite a frenzy. Can you help Dr. Science find his battery?

    Design concept: Decorated with pink tones, the Robot Adventure overturns the icy impression of robots and invites parents and children to find the robot’s heart battery, a symbol of love.

Premium Room

  • Area: 13 (43 sq. m)
  • Bed Type: Two Double Beds (152*203 CM)
  • Price: NT$17,000

  • Number of Guests: Up to 4 guests (additional guests are permitted)
    •  Check-in: 3:00 PM
    •  Check-out: 11:00 AM
    •  Non-smoking
    •  Free wireless internet access
    • Marriott Bonvoy Category 5

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