Half-day Tour 每人費用:成人1200元/兒童1000元/嬰兒300元

  • Meihua Lake (13:00~17:00) for 2+

    13:00 Depart→Sanching Temple (National Daoism headquarters, overlooking Meihua Lake)→Lake tour by electric boat (20 minutes)→Lake trail (wander or bike at travelers’ own cost)→Afternoon tea at SALEX Café (Salex=Sale relax, a coffee shop on the side of the lake, with cultural and creative handicraft shops scattered around)→17:00 Return (travelers may get off at Luodong Night Market)

    The itinerary includes an electric boat ticket.
    Note: SALEX Café is closed on Wednesdays. 

  • National Center for Traditional Arts + Dongshan River (13:00~17:00) for 2+

    13:00 Depart→Taiwan Theater Museum (featuring Beiguan, glove puppetry, and Taiwanese folk opera) →Yang, Shih-Fang Memorial Park (a green building designed by Huang, Sheng-Yuan in memory of the only raised man (Jinshi) in Yilan; exhibitions are held from time to time)→E-Wang Community (awarded the bronze prize in the garden city category of the 2014 UN Livable City Competition, Guangda Lane)→Jiazilan Winery (featuring winery, wine tasting, and history)→Memorial Hall Founding of Yilan Administration (featuring the garden and history of Lanyang, including the admission ticket)→Yilan Literary Museum (Japanese-style buildings where Jin Tsheng Wu shot a mobile advertisement)→Yilan Books (read old books and have afternoon tea)→Diu-diu-dong Forest Park (Jimi Flying Train and handicraft markets on occasion)→Jimi Square (featuring the memory of the moment)→Yilan Happy Station (opened on 2016 Chinese New Year's Eve)→17:00 Return (travelers may get off at Dongmen Night Market)

    The itinerary includes an electric boat ticket and an admission ticket to the National Center for Traditional Arts (travelers may get off at Luodong Night Market).
    Note: The itinerary is not applicable to the Children’s Folklore & Folkgame Festival. Dongshan River Park will be replaced by Dongshan River Ecoark once Dongshan River Ecoark opens.

  • Ancient City Tour (13:00~17:00) for 2+

    13:00 Depart→National Center for Traditional Arts (featuring traditional buildings, handicrafts, theaters, old streets, and snacks)→Dongshan River tour to Dongshan River Park by electric boat at 15:00→Free time at Dongshan River Park (bike at travelers’ own cost, including the admission ticket)→17:00 Return

    Note: Since Taiwan Theater Museum, Memorial Hall Founding of Yilan Administration, Yilan Literary Museum, and Yang, Shih-Fang Memorial Park are closed on Mondays, this itinerary is not applicable.

  • Whale Watching Tour at Guishan Island (08:00~13:00) / (11:00~16:00) for 2~10 (March~October)

    08:00 or 11:00 Depart→Check in at the pier→09:00 or 12:30 Go around Guishan Island (introduce the history, geography, and cultural attractions of Guishan Island)→Whale watching→12:00 or 15:30 Return to the pier→13:00 or 16:00 Return

    The itinerary includes the boat ticket, tour guide, and mineral water (lunch is not included).
    Note: The departure time will vary subject to the boat schedule and the weather and will be confirmed the day before departure. The itinerary only includes pick-up and drop-off shuttle service.

  • Zhentou Mountain Orchard Tour (09:00~17:00) for 4+ (Available All Year Round)

    09:00 Depart→Jinpu Orchard (introduction + fruit picking/Male lead’s orchard in the Taiwanese drama “The Year of Happiness and Love”)→Wang Long Lake (lake trail and pizza DIY at Hua Tian Village in the Taiwanese drama Autumn’s Concerto at travelers’ own cost)→Beneficial Microbes Museum & Tourism Factory (learn about beneficial microbes)→AGRIOZ Tourism Factory (featuring candied fruit, candied kumquat DIY, and ARGIOZ Café)→17:00 Return

    The itinerary includes Jinpu Orchard guide + fruit picking and candied kumquat DIY at AGRIOZ (lunch is not included).

  • Trip to Jhong Shan Agricultural Leisure Area (09:00~17:00) for 4+ (Available All Year Round)

    09:00 Depart→Jhong Shan Agricultural Leisure Area, the source of Dongshan River→10:00 Tour guide at Visitor Center→Jhong Shan Agricultural Leisure Area (choose two from various DIY activities in the farm and tea plantation, such as cypress chopsticks DIY, tea picking, tea tasting, kaleidoscope DIY, tea moon cake DIY, tea smoked egg DIY, green tea pastry DIY, dragon beard candy DIY, and green tea ice cream DIY, Shangrila Leisure Farming admission ticket, and bike rental; travelers may also visit Ren Shan Botanical Garden and appreciate the view of Lanyang Plain and original plants or visit Xinliao Waterfall to enjoy fresh air and phytoncide)→17:00 Return

    The itinerary includes two DIY tickets at the farm and tea plantation (lunch is not included).

  • Sanxing Township Tour (09:00~17:00) for 4+ (Available All Year Round)

    09:00 Depart→Spring Onion Culture Museum (understand spring onion at the visitor center)→Spring Onion Farm (spring onion picking, washing, and pancake making DIY)→Countryside landscape (green onion, garlic, cat-tail willow, pear/flowers, and scarecrows are available from November to January) →Sanxing Fried Meat (at travelers’ own cost)→Quantoumu Nature Trail (featuring natural work and the fern ecological park with a length of 1.3 KM; walk about 1 km round-trip; mountain cherry blossoms are available from December to February) or Qingshui Geothermal Heat or the Jiuliao River Trail→Tian Song Pi Station (founded in 1921 to ship cypresses from Taiping Mountain during then Japanese colonial period)→17:00 Return

    The itinerary includes spring onion picking DIY at the Spring Onion Farm/advanced reservation is required for only 2 travelers (lunch is not included).

  • Suao Village Tour (09:00~17:00) for 4+ (Available All Year Round)

    09:00 Depart→Nanfangao Visitor Center (learn about Nanfangao)→Nanfangao Bridge (featuring the new landmark, fishing boats, and harbor views)→Neipi Beach (featuring the shooting spot of the Taiwanese drama “The Year of Happiness and Love”)→Hsiu-Tzu Fishball Museum (learn about fish balls and fish ball DIY)→Nanfangao Seafood Street (visit Golden Mazu, purchase black sugar cakes and fish products, and visit Sangang Iron Works Museum)→BaiMi Clogs Village (featuring clog painting and clog lock ring DIY/closed on Mondays)→Suao Village (foot bath, Dajingtou, and Qixingling)→17:00 Return

    The itinerary includes dolphin fish ball DIY and clog lock ring DIY.
    Note: BaiMi Clogs Village is closed on Monday, so the indo Workshop DIY will be arranged instead.
    Lunch: Suao snacks (Aberdeen tube rice cake, meat balls, rice noodle soup, or handmade dried noodles) or seafood.

  • Fushan Botanical Garden (10:00~18:00) for 4+ (Available All Year Round)

    10:00 Depart→Artemis Garden (featuring fragrance bottle DIY) & Lunch (enjoy the fixed meal at travelers’ own cost or have local snacks in Yuanshan, such as rice noodles with fish balls and clay oven rolls)→Fushan Botanical Garden (the most natural ecological conservation area in Taiwan)→Shuang Lien Lake (featuring an amazing lake view)→18:00 Return

    The itinerary includes the fare, DIY fragrance bottle, and insurance (lunch is not included).
    1.Fushan Botanical Garden is closed in March and every Tuesday, so the itinerary is not applicable then.
    2.Advanced application is required. For availabilities, visit the Fushan Botanical Garden website.

  • Taiping Mountain Tour (09:00~17:00) for 4+ (Available All Year Round)

    09:00 Depart→Taiping Mountain→Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area (featuring the forest bath, coffee, sea of clouds, and maples and trees)→Jianqing National Trail or Primitive Forest Park or Hemlock Nature Trail→Lunch at Taiping Resort→14:30 Depart for Jiuzize Hot Spring (Renze Hot Spring)→17:00 Return

    The itinerary includes the admission ticket, lunch, coffee coupon, and Jiuzize Hot Spring spa ticket (please wear swimsuit) or naked hot springs.
    Note: In winter (12/01-02/28), as Taiping Mountain becomes foggy in the afternoon, the itinerary is changed to 08:00 ~ 16:00.
    The Bong Bong Train was damaged due to the 2012 typhoon and is temporarily closed. The reopening date will be announced by the Forestry Bureau.

  • Trip to Fairy Story Village Organic Farm (09:00~17:00) for 4+ (Available All Year Round)

    09:00 Depart→Maopucheng in Meihua Community (learn stories about monkey carrying stones, well spring, hawk’s cave, etc.)→Fairy Story Village Organic Farm (guide + seasonal farming activity + organic land/sea hot pot)→Dajin Agriculture Leisure Area (featuring a small farmer’s market)→Hanxi Drawbridg→17:00 Return

    The itinerary includes the community guide, lunch, and farming activity.
    Note: The farming activity is arranged based on seasonal crops (such as rice milling and mulberry picking).