Fitness Studio

The Fitness Studio features a variety of equipment, including weights and aerobics equipment, so that guests can exercise and feel rejuvenated at any time. The Fitness Studio is equipped with an elevation treadmill, cross trainer, backrest bike, and upright bike with a Discover touch panel that supports internet access and features a built-in TV. The audiovisual function is supported with mobile devices; world-renowned scenic spots and resistance can be set through Lifescape for a virtual reality experience.

Body-stretching trainers allow major muscles and joints to get fully stretched. Dual-track adjustable trainers provide 20 adjustable positions that train all muscles with various handles, angles, and postures. Ten three-layer dumbbell racks (2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20 kg) provide guests with efficient weight training facilities.

Westin has launched RunWESTIN™, where pacers are assigned to accompany guests when running outdoors. Westin has partnered with New Balance® to provide athletic shoes and apparel during guests’ stay. All gear is fully cleaned after each use and provided with free socks.