Recommended Attractions

Tour Route

Our reception team will customize travel routes to guests’ personal preferences and schedules. The following routes are recommended. For more information or advance reservations, please contact the reception desk.

  • Fushan Botanical Garden

    Located at the junction of Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, and Wulai District in New Taipei City; Fushan Botanical Garden is 21.5 km from the hotel and just a 40-minute drive. Fushan Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden not only in Taiwan but also in Asia, making it the best ecological classroom.

  • Shuang Lien Lake

    Located in Huxi Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County, Shuang Lien Lake is 11.3 km from the hotel and just a 25-minute drive. Surrounded by mountains, Shuang Lien Lake boasts picturesque scenery. Inconvenient roads help keep the original appearance of Shuang Lien Lake, making it a secluded paradise.

  • Dahu Recreation Area

    3.1 km from the hotel and just a 10-minute drive, Dahu Recreation Area is also known as Longtang Lake, whose water sources come from the Hsueh-shan Mountain Range. As a natural mountain lake, Dahu Recreation Area features four different beautiful scenes in each season.

  • Yuanshan Hot Springs

    Located in Yonghe Village, Yuanshan Township, Yuanshan Hot Springs, also known as Yilan Hot Springs, is a popular scenic spot 4 km to the West of Yilan City, along with Dahu Lake in Dahu Village. Yuanshan Hot Springs was discovered long ago, and public baths and hot spring hotels were developed through joint ventures by the locals during the Japanese colonial period.

  • Zhentou Mountain Agricultural Leisure Area

    Located 75 m above sea level, Zhentou Mountain Agricultural Leisure Area is 2.7 km from the hotel and just a 6-minute drive. Due to the fine weather, farmers grew peach trees and plum trees on Zhentou Mountain to make candied fruit. In spring, the mountain is full of the aroma of plums, cherries, and peaches, making it one of the 18 scenic spots in Lanyang. Currently, the area is planned for the villas.

  • Kavalan Whisky

    6.1 km from the hotel and just a 10-minute drive, Kavalan Whisky is Taiwan’s first whisky distillery. Using pure water sources from the Central Mountain Range and the Hsueh-shan Mountain Range, Kavalan Whisky produces the first whisky to be made in Taiwan.

  • Wang Long Lake

    5.3 km from the hotel and just an 11-minute drive, Wang Long Lake used to be the shooting spot of the Taiwanese drama “Autumn’s Concerto”. The lakeside coffee shop was renamed Hua Tian Village, which appears in the drama. In addition to the lake trail, visitors can walk along the 1-km Feilong Trail and arrive at the observatory to overlook Wang Long Lake. The color of the lake changes with the weather and light. The changing green scenery can be spotted throughout the different seasons.