Journey to Forests in Yilan


一、Cilan Resort

Located in Datong Township, Yilan County, where the Lanyang River, Dowan Creek, and Tiangu'er Creek all converge, Cilan Resort is 38 km from Yilan City and Luodong Township. The park provides a walking trail to take a forest bath in the natural hardwood forest so that tourists can freely linger along the beautiful waters and mountains while walking along the trails. A variety of flowers and trees were planted in the lookout area along the garden walking trail. Coffee and refreshments are also offered. In addition to its beautiful forest forms, the garden has set up the "CKS Guesthouses" (formerly Cilan Nursery Guesthouse; late President Chiang, Kai-Shek used to live here, so it was renamed CKS Guesthouses). Tourists are allowed to enjoy nature and explore the relics and pictures of late President Chiang, Kai-Shek. With green hills and grass and blue waters, Cilan Resort is an excellent holiday resort for relaxing the body, mind, and spirit.

二、Mingchih Resort

Mingchih is surrounded by high mountains and a lake between 1150-1700 meters above sea level. Mingchih boasts beautiful forest landscapes, birds, butterflies, squirrels, Mandarin ducks, and mallards. They can be spotted in the forest, delightfully surprising visitors and touching their feelings! With the geographical advantage of a high sea level, Mingchih has the charming characteristics of a paradise, such as Cixiao Pavilion built by late President Chiang, Ching-Kuo for his mother, the Commemorative Forest for the Centenary of Sun, Yat-Sen, the Fern Garden, the popular Fairy Tale Trail, which makes use of the matrix arrangement of tree plantations to arrange the friendly forest trail, and Mingchih Nursery. The skillful combination of nature and human wisdom presents a perfect harmony just waiting for visitors to come and appreciate it.

三、Shenmu Park

Shenmu Park is Taiwan’s largest cypress park with hundreds of 1000-year-old cypresses and Taiwan Hinoki. Trees in the park are named after ancient sages based on their age and the corresponding dynasty and historical figures. In the ancient woodland area of Taiwan Cypress, you can also find both a long and a short circular hiking trail and other recreational facilities. A 1 to 2-hour ecological tour is offered to take visitors to Shengmu Garden. Shengmu Garden is located on Provincial Highway 7 (Northern Cross-Island Highway), where you can arrive after driving 75 km and making a turn on 100 Forest Lane (from 12 km). After driving 21 km to the West, you will arrive at Mingchih Forest Recreation Area. You will arrive at Cilan Forest Recreation Area after driving 25 km to the East.

Shengmu Park is a controlled area that requires advanced reservation. Visitors can only take a shuttle bus from Cilan Resort or Mingchih Resort to Shengmu Park. Three rounds of the shuttle bus are scheduled every day. In addition to experiencing 1000-year-old trees and various plants, visitors can learn much more about from the tour guides. Shengmu Park is the first choice for eco-tourism.