Artwork: Interface of Time and Space

Interface of Time and Space

Creator: Weng-Mong Ruan

Concept: This artwork reflects people, events, and objects at present using the wide-angle visual effect created by the stainless steel mirror. The ring shape combines a sense of beauty and humanity with life in Yilan.

Artwork: Cloud with Light

Cloud with light

Creator: Wen-Fu Yu

Concept: Based on the essence of Japanese-style hot springs with a mass of vapor, this artwork demonstrates the liberation of the mind as if strolling between clouds. Feathers and bamboo sticks made of organic materials are used to create the artwork in line with the structure of the Japanese-style building and ultimate tranquility.

Artwork: Having Fun with Cattle

Having Fun with Cattle

Creator: Hsiu-Chi Wang

Concept: This artwork depicts a Taiwanese buffalo squatting on the ground with a bird standing on its back. Taiwanese buffalos were an indispensable part of the labor force in rural areas in early days. Squat buffalos were commonly seen in the countryside and remind people of a slower pace of life; this bronze can also serve as a chair and will be placed next to the performance stage.

Artwork: Father & Son

Father & Son

Creator: Shan-Ping Chen

Concept: This modern sculpture stands on an actual staircase to create the rhythm of humanities and a visual and tactile conversation with the viewers.

Artwork: Deer Living in Yuanshan

Creator: Kai-Chih Chen

Concept: Using a deer as the main visual presentation, this artwork has the homonymic meaning in Chinese of “living in Yuanshan”. Formosan sika deer used to live in the plains and hills; now we can only know from archaeological research and historical literature that they lived everywhere across Taiwan with our ancestors. The main part of this artwork is made from wood carving, and the bottom area, which outlines Yuanshan, is polished stainless steel. The polished base further reflects the main body like a lake reflecting the surrounding scenery.

The concept of the totems includes both the history and nature of Yuanshan. Formosan sika deer and sightseeing connect the historical memory for Yuanshan, while natural scenes, such as mountains, forests, Yuanshan Hot Springs, and ponds, create the impression of the area. These totems are carved on the main body of the artwork to demonstrate not only the past but also the present of Yuanshan.